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The World is Opening – A Resource Guide

If the last few months are any indicator, Americans are once again comfortable traveling domestically. Domestic hotel and resort bookings for the Summer of 2021 are skyrocketing, and many hotels are sold out for the entire summer.

But as we start to think about traveling overseas again, travelers are proceeding more cautiously. Each country has different requirements for US travelers, and the US has its own set of requirements for re-entry. This makes it hard to keep up. Below are some of the best public articles and resources I’ve seen to help travelers navigate the current state of travel requirements.

It’s also worth noting three things:

1) This is not a year of deals. Demand is high and supply is low, for both hotels and air. Many airlines scaled back on their routes when the pandemic hit, and have not yet fully returned to their pre-pandemic capacity.

2) Requirements are changing constantly. It’s always worth double checking or asking an expert to see if / how things have changed for the destination you are thinking about.

3) Instead of rushing back to more popular destinations, this might be the time to move those more bucket list and remote trips to the top of your travel queue. Africa, New Zealand, the Galapagos Islands, and Australia, and the Polar regions are destinations where the focus is outdoors, and the tourism is more spread out, so you can ease back into traveling without the overwhelming crowds.

Guide to Europe Re-Opening to Travel – Forbes article from June 1, 2021

Guide to Europe Re-Opening to Travel – NY Times from June 4, 2021

Caribbean Re-Opening Guide – Travel Weekly from May 27, 2021

Global Vaccination Tracker – NY Times updated weekly

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