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Jessica Griscavage, CTAJessica Griscavage


I have been in the travel industry for 20 years and have never looked back. See my journey on our Awards/Accolades page and my 100% recommended rating on Virtuoso. Over the past decades I have enjoyed working with my clients and creating relationships to  meet the needs and expectations of each individual. My clients are like family to me.

My passion for travel inspired me to experience various types of travel, so I can truly find the best fit for my clients. I love expanding my knowledge of destinations and experiences to include things like iconic cities, diverse cruises, villa rentals, dude ranches, escorted groups, and incredible beaches, to name a few. I loved the freedom of exploring Italy with no set schedule on my villa vacation. Still, I also appreciated the stress-free nature of seeing the National Parks with an organized tour group. It’s my goal to match the perfect destination and product with my client, and I especially love family travel! My greatest pleasure is creating memories and special moments for my clients.

Traveling with my family has been some of my favorite moments in life. My son had his passport at four months old and has enjoyed everything from skiing in Deer Valley to cheese making in Italy to whale watching in Alaska. It has been so fun and an honor to show him the world as we get more globally connected. If I could give a young family advice, I would tell them don’t give up traveling with their kids. I want to be an example to my clients that travel can remain a part of life with children and aging parents.

If anything, the last two years have taught us that life is short and precious. This sentiment has taken on so much more meaning…” I travel because I’d rather look back at life saying, “I can’t believe I did that” instead of “If only I had.”

To turn your dreams and travel plans into reality, please contact me at

Jennifer Polito Waigand, CTA

Jennifer Weigand team picture

Travel Advisor

I have been a travel advisor since 2015, a Virtuoso Member, and specialize in custom itineraries for luxury, active, honeymoon, and independent travelers. My passion for travel started with my own travel research, and after 10 years of corporate marketing and a MBA, I made a career change to travel which allowed me to combine skill and passion as a professional travel advisor. Follow my travel adventures on Instagram.

I have traveled extensively inside the United States, including Hawaii, as well as around the Caribbean and Europe. I enjoy active travel, visiting both the attractions you must see, as well as finding those off the beaten path. Now that my husband and I have two little boys, and one big dog, I am excited to show my children the world as they grow up. I believe that these travel experiences are the most valuable gift we can give them.

Travel is fun in all four seasons, each with its unique characteristics and reasons to visit a new destination. I look forward to helping others find the joy in, and increase the value of, their travel experience!


Mariah Jardine, Travel Advisor & Director of Social Media

Mariah Jardine

Being a Runway Travel Consultant has been remarkable. It has expanded my knowledge of luxury travel and has increased my own bucket list adventures. Since I was a kid, I’ve had a strong passion for traveling and experiencing new cultures. My favorite places to travel to are beach destinations; sailing on the water in the Caribbean is when I’m happiest. But there is something to be said about sitting by the fire and looking at the mountains of Montana or sipping cocktails on a rooftop in Madrid. The great thing about the travel industry is work is traveling!

I take pride in being very ambitious and work focused. I strive everyday to provide my clients with seamless travel planning and personalized customer service. Runway Travel is a great team and can accomplish all your travel requests swiftly and efficiently. I love that my job brings joy to my client’s lives and I’m contributing to the team’s success.




Samantha Treeful, Travel AdvisorSamantha Treeful headshot

I am incredibly excited to be a part of the Runway Travel team and step foot into this journey. Travel has been a part of my life starting at a very young age. My parents booked family vacations at least once a year traveling to incredible places like Hawaii, Cancun, California, Aruba you name it! This allowed me to embrace different experiences and gain a greater appreciation for different cultures and ways of life.

My journey studying abroad in Florence Italy is what led me to want to pursue a career in travel. Being able to share my experience and knowledge on the various places I traveled to brought me so much joy! Not to mention there was nothing better than getting to explore the Amalfi Coast with a group of my best friends, sipping on champagne and making memories. With my extensive experience in client service and a determined mindset, I will contribute to the success of Runway Travel propelling the company to new heights and ensuring unmatched customer satisfaction, please contact me at


Jennifer Dennis, Website & Marketing CommunicationsJennifer Dennis Website Manager

I’m a freelance marketing and small business consultant. It’s been an honor to work with Runway Travel since day one and so exciting to be part of it’s growth and success, particularly coming out of a pandemic! Professionally, it’s a thrill to create new content that delivers value and expanding the site as the company grows.

Our families live on two continents so vacations are precious and challenging. I can absolutely relate to how planning a vacation with toddlers is completely different from a multi-generational trip with elders with mobility issues. I love working for a company that values and understands that. We just emptied our nest and took a Mediterranean cruise and ended with a family reunion in Italy. Next on the bucket list…Egypt, the Albuquerque hot air balloon festival and Japan! Creating and promoting content with our partners to accomodate our client’s travel needs and wants has been an incredibly gratifying experience.

Runway Travel Team at Four Seasons 2024
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