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Culinary Tours

Runway Travel knows that food is a vacation highlight and luxury culinary travel tours are a fabulous way to immerse yourself in a destination’s culture. Sharing a meal is universal and heightens the taste and smell senses. Regional cooking vacations expose you to the ingredients and the local geography, climate, regional industries, and local wildlife. You don’t have to be a Foodie to learn the art and traditional techniques and the history passed down not through recipe cards, but through living experience.

Below are some of our hand-picked, carefully designed food tours from around the globe. Each destination includes exclusive experiences that best capture the unique food, wine and culinary traditions of each destination. We will customize an itinerary to suit your level of epicurean interest and proficiency in any of our destinations around the world. Contact us to curate the perfect wine and dine experience!

Olive oil connoisseur!

Jessica Griscavage teaches you how to unlock the hidden depths of this Mediterranean liquid gold. Check out our favorite Italian culinary trip options to elevate your food experiences on vacation and get swirling! From wine tasting, to fishing to lessons in making gelato, every taste bud will be delighted!


Deep beneath the original Straffan House at The K Club, the wine cellar, built by the Barton family, remains a wonderfully atmospheric space to explore. Enjoy a tour with the resort’s brilliant sommelier matching outstanding wines with delicious food, either informally as a private wine cellar tour or as part of a full food and wine adventure, starting out in the cellar and finishing with a gastronomic tour de force in the Barton Restaurant. Contact us for additional details on this unique experience!

Four Seasons Truffle Dishes

Four Seasons Truffle Dishes

Runway Travel is proud to share a culinary journey where the essence of luxury meets the depth of flavor. At the Four Seasons, truffles take center stage, elevating dishes to an unparalleled level of sophistication and taste. Prepare to tantalize your senses with these exquisite truffle-infused creations:

Beverly Wilshire:
Black Truffle Gnocchi served at THE Blvd.
Truffle Fries served at CUT, Beverly Hills.

Truffle Dish – Features freshly shaved burgundy truffles over a New York Strip

Mexico City:
Homemade tagliolini with butter, parmigiano Reggiano, finished with fresh truffle.

One Dalton Boston:
Truffle fries topped with Périgord Truffle and Parmesan Cheese, from our restaurant & cocktail lounge, Trifecta! Every item on the menu is crafted to perfection with locally sourced ingredients and aromatic herbs and spices.

Whether you’re seeking a tranquil retreat in a secluded villa or a vibrant urban escape in the heart of the city, Runway Travel’s partnership with the Four Seasons ensures that your journey is infused with luxury, sophistication, and unforgettable moments. Contact Runway Travel to plan your indulgent escape.

atlas culinary cruise map

Atlas Ocean Voyages

For a limited time, the second guest sails free on when you book by July 2 with Adventure Beyond! This is a $2000 savings on a 9-night Valletta Roundtrip on August 23, 2024.

A summer in Italy, France and Malta is best experienced with esteemed guest Chef David Shalleck, renowned author of culinary memoir Mediterranean Summer. Together with Attimo Winery CEO Jon Schlegel, who has worked alongside wine-producing families with generations of experience in Italy, it’s the perfect way to dive into cuisine and wine pairings of the destinations explored aboard this Epicurean Expedition!

Stop at a local pizzeria in Lipari, where the passionate owners will demonstrate how to make a traditional Sicilian pizza and savor your creation alongside fellow connoisseurs. Ascend the summit of the legendary Capri where a refreshing glass of prosecco awaits, inviting you to take in the breathtaking views. From Rome, journey to medieval Tarquinia, where you and your companions can enjoy a farmhouse pasta workshop. Strolling through a lively market in Corsica alongside fellow explorers or perhaps even a Gastronomic Guest, you find fresh, local produce, honey, cheese and spices, all the makings of the perfect ingredients for a culinary adventure. In Gozo, find your way to the UNESCO-listed Ġgantija Temples, a Neolithic limestone structure dating as far back as 3600 BCE, making it even older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. Traverse every corner of Valletta, famous for its role in TV history, with an overnight stay that gives you time to trek from St. John’s Co-Cathedral to St. Paul’s Bay.

Don’t let this ONLY Epicurean Expedition pass you by! Contact us for itinerary details.

Mariah in Paris
Lake Bled Slovenia


As one of the oldest parts of Paris, there is a lot to discuss; you’ll hear stories dating back to the Middle Ages, and also learn about the evolution of French cuisine and how it grew along with Paris. The food tour includes various tastings of both savory and sweet to delight your senses.

The Marais, a celebrated neighborhood in the heart of Paris, has as many architectural treasures as it does excellent addresses for food! On this delightful three-hour stroll you’ll discover history, architecture, local stories…and of course, food! With a selection of tastings at some of Paris’ most chic and reputed boutiques, you’ll be able to sample macarons, pastries, chocolates, and more. View Paris Culinary Tours trip details.


Immerse yourself in the unique stories that simmer in the Slovenian gastronomic pot. Discover the secret of fullness of flavors, learn about the close connection between people and nature in food production and about their dedication to tradition, then indulge in the boldness and innovation of top Slovenian chefs. This 6 nights/7 days culinary trip will take you to the Slovenian Riviera, to the Brda wine region, to the capital Ljubljana and many gorgeous destinations in between. You will dine at several Michelin Plate restaurants that are set in castles, estates, and beautiful restaurants that are unique, such as Kempinski Sophia, which is designed as a tribute to the Sophia Loren. The Slovenian Culinary Tour immerses you in its beautiful landscapes, lakes and dramatic scenery.

vik chile


Vik Chile offers an unparalleled luxury wine retreat experience, combining exceptional wines, avant-garde architecture, world-class cuisine, and immersive cultural and outdoor activities in the breathtaking surroundings of the Millahue Valley. Chilean cuisine at Vik awakens the senses with a culinary experience that delights every palate. Farm to table dining, interaction with our chefs and vineyard tours & tasting are top specialties. Vik Chile was awarded #3 on the 2023 World´s Best Vineyard´s top 50 list and #1 in Chile! The 4,400 hectare private park celebrates Vik Chile’s singular location and the resort features unprecedented architecture and design, art and décor, environmentally respectful practices, warm and attentive service and a broad array of activities for guests.

The Culinary Tours Experience program offers a more in-depth exploration of Vik´s cuisine and community benefits not only include standard Virtuoso Amenities but the perk of a complimentary self-service picnic in the garden as well. Cooking and cocktail lessons, professional wine tasting and dining are among the activities guests. You will only get these perks booking through Runway Travel, so please Contact Us.

Cre experience Ashford Castle

Cré, Ireland

Embark on an exclusive Cré experience that takes you into the heart of Ireland’s finest estates, Ashford Castle. Begin your day with a private, guided tour through the historic two-acre kitchen garden where you’ll touch, taste, see, smell, and forage an array of seasonal delights—from robust rhubarb and aromatic garlic to plump pumpkins, crisp carrots, and fragrant herbs and flowers.

The Executive Head Chef will teach you the art of food preservation and pickling, master the intricacies of flavor balancing, and discover the secrets behind crafting homemade salad dressings. Then Chef Finnegan treats you to a sensational three-course meal infused with the vibrant flavors of the season. Every dish showcases the estate’s commitment to sustainability and organic cultivation, reflecting their “no dig, no chemical” philosophy. Immerse yourself with Ireland’s top gardeners and chefs, gaining profound insights into food provenance and seasonal eating. Contact Us for this journey, where every bite tells a story of tradition, quality, and the vibrant spirit of Ireland’s culinary heritage.

TBL AK - Aerial Image w Logo

Culinary Tour Tutka Bay, Alaska

Tutka Bay Lodge offers exemplary food tours and an in-depth culinary tour program. With five highly-trained chefs and access to Alaska’s flavor-filled natural food sources, Tutka Bay provides plentiful opportunities for beginner foodies to experienced professionals. Customize a full-day itinerary that includes opportunities like foraging for wildflowers and herbs, visiting a local oyster farm, or exploring the bountiful farms in the nearby town of Homer. Enjoy a meal at the Dixon’s La Baleine Cafe on the Homer Spit or take a personalized cooking class with a lodge chef at Danish Daughter Farm or the lodge. Become immersed in Alaska cuisine and learn how best to prepare locally sourced, flavor-filled meals. Tutka Bay Lodge brochure for your reading pleasure.

Croatia Nibs & Sips

Croatia was a playground for many emperors and cultures. Amongst historic towns, picturesque fishermen hamlets and cerulean sea, lies also a little-known gourmet paradise. The Peljesac Peninsula is Croatia’s most famous wine-growing region and is also famous for succulent oysters, known as the aphrodisiac since the Roman times.

Magical Istria is the famous truffle region and every foodie’s dream. Idyllic interior of rolling hills is dotted with mediaeval towns and hilltop villages, endless vineyards and olive groves, colorful orchards and local farms. Croatian wines are still quite undiscovered however Croatian olive oils are tops in the world. (Olive Oil from the island of Solta was the best olive oil at international competitions in New York, Tokyo and Duban from 2017 – 2020) Ready to go truffle hunting? View Nibs & Sips Itinerary.


Make Craveiral Farmhouse part of your Portugal vacation! It is an authentic and sustainable retreat on the unspoiled Alentejo coast of Portugal. You’ll prepare a typical dish from the region where 70% of the ingredients used are from their farm and local producers source the remaining 30%. When you book through Runway Travel you will receive a 20-minute free massage! Watch this video of a gentleman at one of our favorite shops in Sintra providing tips. Also, port is served in smaller glasses allow you to appreciate the aroma and flavor concentration of the port. Ruby ports often complement rich, dark chocolate desserts, while tawny ports pair nicely with nuts, dried fruits, and aged cheeses. Experiment with different pairings to find what you enjoy best. Contact us for additional details.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises have brought the table top to life in a fantastic fusion of entertainment and dining. The world-renown artists of Skullmapping, presented by TableMation™ have reached a true pinnacle of their custom 3D table animation art form. This dining experience is beautifully choreographed with an elegant menu created by their Michelin Star Chef. Le Petit Chef is simply one of the most unique dining events in the world which will magically transport you on an awe-inspiring journey around the world. Four mini-chefs from Italy, Spain, France and Japan whimsically whip-up delicious specialty dishes from their home land, creating theater on your plate while bringing your whole table to life! Available on Millennium Series and Solstice Series. Contact Runway Travel for sailing details.

Snake river steak dinner

Pacific Northwest

The Columbia and Snake rivers carve a scenic route through the Pacific Northwest, a region rich in American history, stunning geology, and exceptional food and wine. In 2024, Lindblad Expeditions and Food & Wine magazine are teaming up to deliver an immersive small-ship journey designed exclusively for discerning travelers—and palates. Join a top team of naturalists and a food and wine expert as you sail among spectacular backdrops and the wild bounty that thrives in this fertile corner of the country. Food & Wine magazine’s Executive Wine Editor Ray Isle has handpicked more than 40 local wines for guests to taste during the voyage.

You’ll find yourself on board the vessel National Geographic Sea Lion which accommodates just 62 guests in 31 outside cabins. Her inviting public spaces foster a sense of shipboard life where everyone is integral to the adventure, engendering a rewarding sense of community and esprit de corps. National Geographic writer Andrew Evans called National Geographic Sea Lion the “closest thing to Cousteau’s Calypso” he’s ever had the pleasure to be on. Contact us for itinerary details.

Our Munich Gourmet Tour

There is no better way to experience Munich than on foot! This carefully curated, four-hour walking tour is a perfect blend of culture, history and of course, local delicacies! Your Munich expert will meet you at your hotel lobby. The first stop is Viktaulienmarkt, a Munich tradition dating back to 1807 where merchants today still showcase their wares from sausages to baked goods. Your sweet craving will addressed at the local chocolatier. The hand-made pralines are what they’re famous for. No Munich tour is complete without a trip to a local brewery! Enjoy ‘Weisswurst’, the traditional veal sausage. You’re more than welcome to also visit the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum and a private visit to an ancient mill. Read more about the Munich Food Tour in greater detail.

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